Welcome to TheBrain Software House

We’ve decided to open to the business community. We want to teach people how software can transform their business by automation and bringing clients closer to them.

In a world where almost 3 billion people are constantly connected through mobile devices there a number of possibilities never imagined before. Small businesses compete with huge established corporations and frequently even outpace them by being able to adapt faster to the customer needs. Exponential growth in the Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning sector is a strong indicator that companies which won’t adapt soon will be quickly left behind by the more tech-savvy competition.

We are a group of friends that started up a software house because we wanted to work and grow together. We’ve helped multiple companies, including internationally known brands by leading them in software development excellence. This experience showed us how software transforms the world.

We’ve seen the future, allow us to introduce you to it.

Here at THEBRAIN SOFTWAREHOUSE, we know how integral mobile apps will be to the future of business. That's why we provide 1 month app delivery to you, no questions asked, or your money back. Our team of accredited industry development professionals, engineers, and designers work together to create a cutting-edge, eye-catching, and reliable mobile app that is right for you and your business.