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We set up automated testing schemes for every single line of code and stress-test your app with thousands of nodes. Our test routines ensure your users get the most out of your app.


Just starting out and want to validate your idea? Interested in a functional prototype that will help you get funding? We build apps like this in a matter of weeks.


Our experience and expertise are with React, Node.js and graphQL. We can teach your team how a test-driven approach improves your workflow and speeds up the development process.


Kerry Bollman

Product Manager, edSpring


They collaborate very well with our local team coordinating efforts and leading our work on code quality and automated testing. I especially admire their skills in translating between technical matters and the end-user experience, and their ability to develop quality code that drives customer delight.

Sam Hatoum


These guys are very skilled and knowledgeable especially when it comes to Test Driven Development which is our #1 priority at The code quality they produce is of a very high standard and I’m glad to have them delivering our products and providing support.

Tim Heckel



TheBrain Software House is a unique mix of raw talent and innovation: by combining a rigor for learning, constant self-evaluation and improvement techniques, and a passion for first-class testing, this crew consistently produces rock-solid software at breakneck speed. It's truly phenomenal what they've been able to produce, time and again, even on shoestring budgets.

Jerome Figueroa

Software Development Manager


They have the ability to use the necessary tools and processes which translates to higher velocity. Collaborative and very easy to communicate with – this means a lot especially considering they are a remote team.

I definitely recommend them for development work.

Tomasz Olejnik


European Investment Bank

During our work with TheBrain Software House the team proved itself to be amazingly versatile and ingenious. Throughout the whole process they kept in mind usefulness of the solution and took care of the best user experience possible, what's more - each part of the project was delivered on time and meeting all of the requirements.



TheBrain Software House consists of highly skilled and motivated software developers. We have skills covering everything from devops to automated testing, low and high level programming, backend, frontend including UX/UI and more.

We specialize in rapid development of reliable, well tested web and mobile applications.

We have worked with both big and small clients, startups as well as specialized software companies. We deliver bespoke products tailored to our client’s needs.

While we love React and Node and modern JavaScript ecosystem is our natural environment, we come from very different, supplemental backgrounds and are willing to take on any kind of programming related job.

Łukasz Gandecki

Founder / Senior Software Developer

Michał Opidowicz

Senior Software Developer

Daniel Strąk

Senior Software Developer

Piotr Wójcik

Senior Software Developer

Andżelo Mazurek

Senior Software Developer

Sławomir Borzdyński

Senior Software Developer

Przemysław Gierski

Senior Software Developer

Dawid Kisała

Senior Software Developer

Piotr Siemieniuk

Software Developer

Rafał Cywiński

Software Developer

Igor Pasieczny

Software Developer

Tomasz Wilczek

Software Developer

Tomasz Gierczyński

Software Developer

Mateusz Sawka

Software Developer

Karol Sowiński

Content Creator

Karolina Klępka

Office Manager

Jagoda Machajek


Anna Pawliczuk

QA/Content Creator

Marek Danelczyk

Junior Software Developer