5 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Mobile App

By 2019, 2.1 billion people throughout the world will own a smartphone. That means that over 2 billion people, at a moment's notice, can open up their Internet-connected phones and shop, communicate, schedule, and more, with just the tap of a thumb. These mobile users are looking for an easier way to automate their days, which is why mobile apps have become so sought after. Businesses with apps are enabling consumers to shop with them, read about them, and interact with them at their brick and mortar, as well as from far away.

On the flip side, businesses are using these apps to schedule workers, automate tasks, and improve their overall productivity. The competition is doing it, which means you need to be doing it, too. Here are 5 reasons why:

The Majority of Consumerism Happens Through Mobile

Over 1.6 billion people have used their mobile devices at some point to make a purchase or invest in a company. That is more people than use their desktop computers today. With the rise of smartphones, every person that walks through your doors is going to have a phone on them. Mobile apps are the easiest way to reach out to these people and connect with them on a daily basis.

The Competition is Doing It

Considering the Google Play Store is home to 3.5 million apps and the App Store is home to 2.2 million apps, it's safe to say: your competition is using an app as we speak. Whether they are using it for easier consumer interaction, or simply to automate tasks within their operation, the number of apps in the world is only growing. Now is the time to jump onboard before it's too late to catch up.

Aggregate Consumer Data

Mobile apps are an easy way to aggregate data from consumers. These apps can compile reports and show you every single stat you require, as well as where users are falling off of the purchasing chain. Additionally, if you are using the app to communicate with staff, you can push out push notifications directly to your employees, ensuring that everyone has received the same memo and therefore can not claim they were "uninformed".

Direct Communication with Consumers

Consumers are looking for an easy experience today, which is why providing them with a simple way to order and checkout, right on their phones, is going to engage them more. Using a scanning code right on the restaurant bar or table, without even talking to staff, provides your customers with a way to pay immediately and curate the kind of consumer experience they desire. It instantly becomes more personalized.

Automated Tasks and Requirements

In some instances, businesses just need a way to automate mundane tasks and requirements that can make or break their cash flow. For example, restaurants need a centralized place to schedule workers, post vacation hours, alert staff about upcoming events, etc. Having one business app ensures everyone is receiving the information and is being held accountable for their position.

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